Friday, May 7, 2010

Wow how could I forget...

Some of you don't even know where I'm going! And because I'm tired of writing it out, or at least my fingers are tired of writing it out, here is the breakdown:

First three weeks starting on May 8th:

I will be traveling to Cannes, France where I will be interning and participating in the Festival de Cannes!

After May 23rd:

I will be flying out to Madrid, Spain where I will be studying abroad for Six Weeks (ending on July 4th I believe, Viva America)
On the weekends during this time I will hopefully be taking trips to various Spanish cities.

After studying abroad:

I will be traveling Europe! My plans are kind of up in the air but I really NEED to go to Barcelona and hopefully other sections of Spain as well as visiting Italy and taking a roadtrip from Milan to Rome!

This all ends on August 2nd when I arrive back to America!

No puedo esperar!

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