Friday, May 7, 2010

Last/First Entry...before Europe

So it begins, I'm officially a blogger now. To all of you reading this, and by all of you I mean mom and dad with the occasional family member/random visitor...Hi and welcome random visitor btw...this will be my last entry before I head off to Cannes!

I'm pretty much super excited, although it hasn't hit me yet that I'll be going away for nearly 3 months without really knowing anyone at the programs I'm going to...but at the same time I couldn't be happier. After a week spent preparing I'm ready to go, and I hope to keep this blog updated in some sort of fashion as I experience new adventures. I'll be putting Rosetta stone to the test, although somehow I don't think I'll live up to any of my Spanish hopes. French is fun to speak although I have no idea how the pronunciation works, I'm definitely gonna perfect using that little French phrase book slyly and give off the appearance of a cultured American.

But all this aside I have a few things I need to do still, 1 being decide on a pitch for a three minute short. I'll most likely make up something on the plane and hone it in once I get to Cannes but here's to hoping I make it good enough to actually win back some money or at the very least get a free video camera.

Anyways, this has already been to long...I'm actually typing this in my room which is kind of lame. So I'll sign off for now. See you in Europe!*

Ryan Turner
no longer a blogging virgin

*I won't actually be seeing you in Europe, unless you are already there in which case I might, but it's a big continent so don't get your hopes up. Or through skype...but that's more metaphorical, not physically seeing you.

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