Friday, May 21, 2010

Flip Video and more

Sorry for the slow diminishment of my updates but the days have been just as jam-packed as ever. Every three days our work switches shifts and recently I was rotated to the night shift. During these shifts very important execs come in and I've learned how to serve ze proper way. But besides this I've been busy attempting to finish up my flip movie which has been fun but stressful. Starring in the film is Godfrey, a stand-up comedian. You might recognize him from Zoolander ( He's hilarious and the video is hilarious but the only problem has been keeping it to the 3 minute time crunch. I'm going to be cutting a longer version soon but essentially the plot is about a filmmaker who comes to Cannes expecting to get into everything only to find that his pass is all but useless in the premier events. This is a reality that all us students have faced but we've been able to find ways around it.

Tomorrow Nicola is coming down and that's exciting. I think I'm going to make a day-trip to Monaco and check it out. Supposedly Monaco makes Cannes look like the slums and that is no easy feat. But as you can see by my facebook picture I've been able to meet a few stars. Just because I didn't want to bug them I've held off on getting pictures but Ryan Gosling was the ONE person I needed a picture with haha.

What else? Well I worked an all-night producer party which was definitely an experience. I got to see all of these important producers get completely hammered and dance the night away. Unfortunately networking with drunk producers is not the best, but my networking with other producers has worked out great. A really cool producer named Steven Kaplan bought me and my friends martinis at the very VIP Majestic hotel. Another hotel, the Carlton had an unleashing of all new Andy Warhol art and that was awesome as well. It's crazy being in the center of such an important event where literally EVERYONE is. An access Hollywood report (which was filming on the beach right next to the pavilion) was talking about how Lindsay Lohan is here and sure enough one of the students saw her at a party.

But I've definitely decided that the next time I come back here I'm going to have a movie in it or nothing at all. There are so many cool parties happening all the time (last night there was a Grey's Anatomy party with the whole cast) but most are invite only even if you know where and when they are. No worries though, I've had a great time...and surprisingly enough I've only seen a handful of movies. With all of the events happening all the time it's hard to devote a good amount of time to just one thing. Still recovering from Karaoke last night with all the students which was wicked fun! I belted out some Maroon 5 and it was a blast.

Oh yah and mom and dad, I haven't really done anything for IES so I'll need to be caught up tomorrow when we talk. Love you all. Cheers.

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