Monday, May 10, 2010

First post from across the world

So the last blog entry WAS written in Heathrow, I just didn't have internet to post it haha but after the flight I knew what they mean by calling those flights "Red Eyes". It was pretty harsh, but I'm beginning to recover now. The whole leaving at Saturday at 1pm thing and arriving Sunday at 6 thing definitely messed with my head and I'm still not sure how the whole time traveling worked out but I'm here now and so far it's been absolutely beautiful!

The first night was chill, we all just got there and hung out...met each other and crashed after some social time. Today we woke up and got split into groups and explored the little town we're in. I'll post pictures but it's quite quaint. Turns out people speak a lot less English than expected...good thing I know how to say "Please use a clean syringe" in French. Aw that book I bought has been a source of endless entertainment. Anyways we had a lot of lectures today and don't worry mom they are extremely strict on safety and drill the locks into our head. Almost literally.

But I'm really REALLY excited for the festival and find out what job I get bright and early tomorrow. Keep you all posted! Au Revoir!

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  1. You should have used one of your handy french phrases with the little french kid and his mother...
    J'ai un avocat et je suis un me touche pas! (transaltion: i have a lawyer and I"m a transvestite...don't touch me!)

    That phrase book will come in such handy! I'm excited for you...make sure to post pictures! And if you can catch a train over to Nice at all while you're staying in Cannes (and not preoccupied by the festival) you should do so. Or Antibes...both super fun towns and Cannes has a pretty vibrant night life :)