Friday, May 14, 2010

The Night Life

So I had that last entry written yesterday but wanted to put some finishing touches before I posted it. I only have time to write these now cause I'm missing happy hour at the Short Film Corner, but there are plenty of those and if I don't write it now I'll get swamped! There is so much happening all the time!! And sorry to slack on the pictures, I'll try to post some in previous blog entries as well I just usually don't have my camera when I work on the blog.

Cannes is right now THE most happening place in the world. How to prove it? In a club about a 30 minute walk from the festival two nights in a row Kid Cutty and then TI were playing...pretty ridiculous. I've never seen so many yachts, huge ships, fancy bars/parties/clubs in one place. People have also been dropped off by helicopter. Last night I even saw a castle party.

So with this in mind I've been having a good deal of fun. It's been hard/impossible to get into the very important parties because we usually roll deep with a large amount of people and the bouncers don't like that. But I've been working on figuring out how to get past that and get into the coolest ones. A group of us got into a club two nights ago that was very exclusive. On the menu there was a drink that cost 25 thousand euros! Absolutely ridiculous! But for the most part there are a few bars that most of the students go to and we usually frequent those, but I'm just waiting to get my VIP invite to a party which is bound to happen soon.

At the American pavilion things have been picking up. I got our first few customers and they have all been very important and very cool to know. Omar Benson Miller, who I'm sure you'll recognize if you look him up, is the coolest and just yesterday I gave a copy of my Lukewarm DVD to a producer!

Each pavilion besides the American pavilion has their own little events. For example, the Irish pavilion has Guinness for 2 euros, the Russian pavilion has happy hour at 4, the Japanese pavilion has happy hour at 5, and the Turkish pavilion has the happy hour at 6. This means there's a lot of free food and drinks and a nice way to meet people.

I'm really excited for the upcoming days and don't worry I'm keeping healthy. There's been somewhat of a throat virus going around but it's nothing to serious and I have my Robitussin. There's always something to do which is actually the hardest part of the festival: deciding. Tonight I'm heading to another premier and it's cool to hear about everyone else's cool stories. Someone just got an internship with the Weinsteins. Haven't become best friends with an exec yet, but there's still 8 days left and I'm sure to make the most of them.

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  1. Again thanks for the update, glad your staying healthy, it certainly sounds exciting with all the people and the activities. I actually saw some picture from the festival on the website and I tried to see if I could see you but no luck. Don't forget to download the stuff from IES. Remember you need it for the airport information etc. Keep up the great job of keeping us posted. Stay safe and I love you much. Today we went to Santa Cruz for a meeting. Tomorrow we run Bay to Breakers with Kevan, Kevin, Carolyn Lindsay and Katie. Should be fun
    We're all going to be pool balls and Kevan has the cue stick.
    Miss you and Love you MOM