Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bienvenidos a Madrid

So after a long night in Cannes I finally made it to Madrid. Instantly I can already say that I love this city. After taxiing over to the city I reached my apartment and especially in the context of my place in France, the Madrid flat is AMAZING. There is so much space it's almost ridiculous. It's 2 bed 2 bath and not only that but there is a washing machine and a living room and a pretty sweet view (we're on the 6th floor).

My housemates are really cool and I've been recently hanging out with Alex who knows the city up and down and has been here since January. We've been going all over the huge city and each section has something new and amazing to see.

The IES Program itself seems really well organized. On orientation day we were walked through everything we would need to know and we were treated to lunch. This Friday we're traveling to Segovia as a group and the group itself has a lot of cool people. I'm the only person from a Cali school, but most of the other students are from ivy league or others like UNC. My classes are also good, Spanish is basically the same as it is back in the States but our teacher is really really cool. And the film class is interesting cause it's going over the basics of cinema in another language. I have free internet as well so I'll be much more easier to contact. Except as most of you know if I'm not incredibly busy then I'm incredibly unproductive thus why it has taken so long to write in this blog.

First impressions of Spain:

-It's incredibly nice to be able to communicate with the natives in their native tongue. My Spanish is not incredibly good but it's good enough for nearly anything.

-Spaniards aren't as mean to us Americans as the French are but it'll definitely be challenging to meet some locals

-The architecture is stunning all over the place, it has dozens of buildings that in America would be the centerpoint of one city.

-the food is good. Lots of bread once again, there is a kind of sandwich called a Kabob which is really really good but besides that they have lots of foods with Chorizo and bread and tortillas espanolas and tapas and other fairly delicious foodgroups.

so yah I'm having a great time. Last night we went to a bar called Penthouse which overlooks the whole city and it was really beautiful. Luckily I have people tha tknow how to get around but the public transportation here is really good. Like BART but it comes every 3 or so minutes.

Anyways I'm about to take a nap then get ready for the long night ahead of me. The lfiestyle here is to not leave the house till after midnight and that'll take some getting adjusted to. In France it was non stop but with all of the free time in Spain I definitely need naps, or will for awhile. I'll keep all of you updated better though I promise. Hasta Luego!

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