Monday, May 10, 2010

Blast from the past

Ah! So….where to begin?! I’m actually writing this from Heathrow right now and can I say I really want to come back to London at some point in my traveling future. Giving I seem so lost AND I speak the language it’ll be a wonder when I’m one of the travelers unfortunate enough to have no idea what’s going on both location and language wise : (.

But let’s start with my horrific flight. Okay so the flight itself would not have been bad at all I mean it was a bit bumpy but that never really bugs me. What really made it a patience-testing experience, however, was who was sitting next to me. So there was this nice French lady there with here kid. And I was all for it, he seemed cute enough. The kid was in the stage where he could talk, but it was mostly gibberish. He was young enough to not really understand lots of things, but old enough to be annoying. I’m usually pretty patient, but at the point in time where the lights went out on the plane the little kid lies down sideways towards his mom and every 5 minutes, stretches out his feet/switches positions and kicks me. If this happened only a few times it would've been fine but it happened over and over again and the mom kept apologizing each time! Stop your kid from kicking me and that’ll be your apology. Luckily this was only for the last 4-5 hours of the flight (sarcasm). Combine this with watching A Single Man/Shutter Island and I was seriously considering taking some drastic action. They better not be transferring to Nice, and if they are they better not have checked in at the same time as me again. My rage has built up to the point of no return.

But besides that begun my script and got farther on the story. It’ll hopefully be pretty good once I start writing things out. I tried to video blog a little but it’s kind of awkward in a busy airport. Maybe I’ll get used to it. Anyways I’m writing this now so I don’t have to later. Just copy and paste whoo!! But hopefully all of the annoyingness has gotten out of my trip’s system (if my trip were a living thing) and we’re good to go. Please give me new seat partners for Nice.

UPDATE: Heathrow to Nice was nice and smooth and incredibly relaxing!

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