Thursday, May 13, 2010

Robin Hood, red carpet, and more!

So my first day of work turns out the VIP room is super exclusive...I didn't have any customers :( Everyone I work with is super cool though, and I mean really really awesome so we keep each other entertained on the long six hour shift. When I got off some friends and I spent the day exploring all of the other pavilions. On the street there was this cat man, picture below, who would chase down anyone that took a picture without paying him. He literally ran at an American tourist and the tourist was attempting to quickly pull out some change and he really got in his face and tried to delete the picture! I got this one cause I'm sneaky.

The festival is basically held in two big buildings. One is made for the theaters and the other one contains the markets. The theaters are incredible and luxurious, and the market is an experience in itself. Every country has films they are trying to sell (my favorite so far is Juan of the Dead) and there are posters and booths everywhere. Here you can ask about market screenings, which are not apart of the Cannes festival and are just focused on showing to sellers and potentially get tickets. These are different from the festival screening in that they are not guaranteed to be good. And let me tell you, I'm SOO glad I did the Short Film Corner, it has given me an incredible amount of perks and a great way to share my work with others. I'm not really trying to sell Lukewarm but if I was this would be the place to do it.

So the big event on the first day of course was the opening of the much anticipated Robin Hood! The Red Carpet was star studded to the max, with Kate Beckinsale being the only one I really cared and my housemates arrived a bit late for the watching but through some exploring we were able to come across a window to watch a bit of it. Every student wanted to get a ticket, and I ended up getting mine through the lottery put on by the short film corner. I basically get points that I can put towards buying tickets and they refresh each day. So yah I got to go dressed in the tux to the red carpet event! The red carpet was intense, and crazy enough it started raining right when we got there. That coupled with the epic soundtrack made the whole thing quite an experience. The film itself...not so much. I would not suggest seeing it, which hurts me to say with all of the potential it had. But yah it was more about the experience itself which I'll remember for a lonng time.

But yesterday, and this is important for all of you and I'm sad I didn't let you know that we were all on the Today Show!! If you go online or something and watch today's episode, we are all in the background. Matt Lauer was here as was the French Ambassador from America. Someone said it was put onto the Ampav site, I'll look around and let you guys know if I see it. The festival is just getting started and I'm already incredibly excited


  1. Wow Ryan what a story! I really enjoy reliving your experience, you just can't imagine how much this means to us. I'm sure things will get busier in the VIP room. What do you wear there? Your red carpet picture is stunning and I look forward to seeing more. Uncle ken told me about The Today Show, still trying to find it. That was awesome to hear about getting the ticket for the premiere. Keep up the great work. Miss you, and the Blog really helps, I read it to Nana to update her. Love you lots!!! Mom

  2. where is the picture of the cat man?