Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Finding out what I'll be doing for the next 2 weeks

So today was the day that I realized the rest of this program is going to be amazing. First off, I will start posting pictures soon cause it's all kind of hectic with everything getting settled. Most of my pictures have been just scenic (without me) and noone really wants to see those anyways so I'll wait to get some good ones before I upload. These days have been pretty open but in my free time I've been busy meeting as many new people as possible. I love all the people here, they all have a similar drive and passion and they're from all over the country.

Some impressions of France:

-the French really do hate Americans. Or if they didn't before they do now. Not all of them of course, but they're definitely annoyed by us. This isn't without reason though haha cause I could see us being annoying. We're not used to the sidewalks that can only have one person at a time go down and any large group of people would create more commotion than the typical person might enjoy. Really wish I knew more French, but at least making an effort helps I guess. We're staying in a place called Cannes La Boca which is outside of the actual city so the majority of the people speak NO english. Hand signals have been clutch and the nicest people have been the shop owners...gee I wonder why

-SOO MUCH BREAD. Every meal has bread: croissants, baguettes, pizza and anything they call "American" which means they just put fries and ketchup in a sandwich haha. I have not gone a meal without having some form of the above bread items. I feel like there is only more bread to come. Not a bad thing necessarily just something to get used to. And btw wine is cheaper than water, which is pretty ridiculous.

But to cut to the important stuff my job for the next two weeks!! I'm in a group called the elites. Basically we get to work under a very important man in the American Pavilion and serve the red carpet/VIP section members. This is basically waiting but only waiting on the VIP people. Every head person has said that this is literally the best job to have and I couldn't be more excited. It kind of sucks cause when people ask what job I got I try and not sound like a tool and just say I'm a server cause other people's jobs do not involve keeping the cream of the crop happy. But humbleness aside there is no other job I'd rather have. In addition to serving the Red Carpet Members, we also have responsibilities keeping the TALENT happy in the green room, which means the actors/stars/anyone that is going to be in the round tables/anyone who wants to get away from everything. Who knows who I might be serving! But I do know Mark Strong (the bad guy from Sherlock and Robin Hood) is going to be here on Wednesday at a round table for students. He's so amazing! We also fill in at important events such as the ribbon cutting ceremony on the opening day and parties thrown by the American pavilion.

I don't want to build it up too much but it sounds amazing and already I've heard rumors of a Dulce and Cabana party, a Black Eyed Peas Yacht Party, a VIP Pool Party, a Lionsgate Executive party and plenty more. This is going to be a packed week but I'll try to fill you all in on the highlights!

Anyways I have work at 7:30 tomorrow and I need to get some sleep! The big premier of Robin Hood is tomorrow and the festival officially kicks off. Wish me luck and I might get a ticket to the premier!


  1. SO exciting Ryan! As your official French-speaking sister/tutor, I'll offer up some phrases that I think may serve you well at the festival and in the community:

    "J'aime beaucoup votre filmes! Vous ete tres celebre en Amerique!"
    (I love your films...you're very famous in America!)...maybe you can try to fool the American actors into thinking you're actually from France!

    "Je pense que la terrorisme est bonne, mais seulement en Amerique!"
    (I think terrorism is good, but only in America)...again, a clever ploy to try to make them think you're one of them. If one of your American friends understands French and hears you...let them in on your clever ruse...

    "Je suis un directeur americain...peut etre vous connaisez mes filmes?"
    (I'm an American film director...maybe you've heard of my films?)...then start listing them. It's impossible to remember everyone in hollywood, and if you can make them feel like they should know you, they'll do everything they can to get to know you this time around so as not to forget you at the next run in.


    Bonne chance mon frere...je te manque beaucoup!
    (Good luck little bro...miss you much!)


  2. We are so excited for you Ryan, There is so much to experience in a very short time. Just be yourself and listen to the advice given. This is truly a wonderful adventure. We love you and miss you and please keep these blogs going. Love you Mom Check your mail as well for a message from Dad.