Sunday, May 23, 2010

Last Days in Cannes

Today is the final day of the Cannes festival journey and wow has it been a blast. Despite a semi-slow start, this whole experience has given me invaluable contacts and tools that I will be putting to work for years to come. Definitely happy I went through it and I'm incredibly excited for the next adventure to come: Madrid.

But before I go off to Ethpanya, there's some things to fill you all in on. The flip video is done and you can all see it here:

I'm happy with how it turned out but I will be editing together another cut in a bit with some added funny content that I couldn't fit into the 3 minute time crunch. Turns out that the winners of the contest were all experimental art films which were good in their own respect but there was no way my film was going to be picked in the long run. I'm just happy I was able to make it with Godfrey and it was definitely a blast to shoot.

On Friday night there was a huge party for all Short Film Corner members on the beach with free drinks and food. It was awesome and I met even more people there, it was cool getting an actual invite and being on the list to a pretty big event.

Last night I was planning on going to Monaco, but I decided against it last minute. Nicola still came down and we were able to get a drink and go to dinner with all my friends before he headed back. I've justified not going 1. To spend the last night of the festival with the friends I'd met and 2. To go to Monaco when I can actually afford to. To make up for it Nicola and I went to the casino and I won 20 euros at Roulette!

So a large group of friends and I went to this nice place up in the hills of Cannes and after that a few of us went to the Black Pearl, a pretty VIP bar where a couple that had recently gotten engaged had bottle service. Very legit. I'm going to miss the always looming promise of free incredibly VIP parties at all times that we might not be invited to but know are there.

The final day was very emotional. I went to the beach for the first time all trip with the roomies and the Mediterranean was incredibly cold yet refreshing and I attempted to battle the farmer's tan that has been looming during work as a result of having to wear shirts all day. But it was relaxing, the day was our first day off and so a lot of people traveled but the main event was at 6pm: the going away Ampav party. This was a blast, and it was because of this party and the resulting parties that I almost missed my bus in the morning. My alarm became incorporated into my dream. It was a bad combo. But I've made it in. And I have free fast internet!! Look forward to many more updates in the future. Ciao

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