Monday, May 17, 2010

Settling in

While there's so much still to talk about as everyday is jam packed with events, things are starting to settle into place. Work has been fun and I've been seeing many of the same faces and have been starting to build good relationships with people. The workload and sleepload has been beginning to get to me and naps are becoming a necessity. And I've just been finally learning how to get into the more important parties. Just last night I ended up going to a screening about a German rapper. Then following this I used an invite to go to a Scandinavian party by myself. I ended up meeting these really cool producers and when I left I saw these super fun British fellows that I had been hanging out with earlier and we all ended up getting into another VIP party on the beach (where Benitio Del Toro was). This was a very awesome experience.

The days are beginning to fly by with movie screenings, work, and parties taking up large sections of my day. Not only that but I've been working as well on finding a place to pitch my feature to get funding and distribution. I'm also going to be making the flip camera and the film will be called the Cannes't film festivals and it's going to be starring Godfrey a pretty bigshot stand up comedian. He's absolutely hilarious and the film will be as well. Should be done Thursday!

Anyways I'll post the next time anything I forgot. Love yah

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  1. Thanks for the update, I still am having trouble believing your actually experiencing this. Sounds like your staying in good health and trying not to over do it. Make sure your getting the rest in those naps. Can't wait to see this short movie coming up, sounds exciting. Has the weather been nice? Wow your going to have so many new friends from around the world. That's great. I'll send some pictures of Bay to Breakers, it was really fun. Miss you and love you. Let's skipe soon before you leave. Let me know when.. Love you much Mom