Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Midterms and Schoolwork


So since last Thursday despite the amazing trip to Paris I had to legitimately do school work for the first time since last January. Let me tell you, this was no easy feat. For Thursday it was studying vocab etc. which was no biggie but then for Tuesday I had to have read 100 pages...in Spanish...and then answer questions about it from the professor. So ended up taking FOREVER to read just one page (had to translate it to English then when I'm done translate it back to Spanish) and it was a looonnng day. But now I'm free! I went to the Intercambio again tonight and saw some old friends and met lots of new ones like a film producer from Spain who runs the whole thing. She gave me a flier for a thing called VaughanTown (www.vausys.com) which is basically a place in Spain where Spanish speakers pay big bucks to just talk to native English speakers. the English speakers get to meet lots of people and get free lodging for the whole week! If i hadn't planned out my whole trip I totally would have done this right after Madrid! But I guess when I come back to Europe (I'm definitely coming back when my bank account recovers) I'll know that no matter what I'll have a week completely paid for! You also stay in super nice hotels!!

But enough of that this weekend is Valencia and before that there is A LOT to do. Now I'm beginning to realize how many things I want to do in such a short time. I'm going to be making the most of every day I have left and my only comfort in leaving Madrid in July will be that I will have a month more of adventures before returning home! Not that I don't miss home, I do, but right now I am legitimately experiencing the most amazing trip of my life and I just don't want it to end...

The apartment feels empty now that my housemate Alex has gone, but now it's up to me to plan the events and map out the nights for all of our friends like he used to do. And so far so good! I just met a club promoter who is getting us in free to two different clubs. I know I know studies first, but I'm pretty sure I did good on both so no worries right?

Anyways another big news is my professor/friend Chris Jenkins whom I met with in SB gave me a contact in Madrid and this Thursday I will be meeting him for dinner/a drink to discuss film and just to get another great contact. I'm really excited for this and it should be amazing! So much to do so little time and with the World Cup going on (Spain game tomorrow!) at actually decent times: 1:30, 4, and 8:30 it's been hectic to say the least. But not to fear, I've got my itinerary planned out for good and I will be NOT going to Munich and instead am staying the night in a hostel in Berlin and then will be going to Italy on Sunday. That means I will be in Italy for the World Cup final, not sure how I feel about that cause I don't really like the Italian national team and don't think they'll make the final, but beggars can't be choosers! I'm excited either way! That means my full trip is solidified to the fullest extent. It's like living my ideal life and my friend from the Intercambio and I will hopefully be making a simple little short while I'm in Madrid as well!

Anyways it's way too late. Gotta get some sleep for the days ahead!!

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