Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Keeping to my word

I feel so weird writing so soon after my essay. I've come to accept the fact that I will have way too much to write about for one sitting...and while I let it sit there will be even more to tell until I just have to pick the best of the best, or en la realidad solamente the one's I have time to write about when I decide to sit down and pump it out. But today is a new day, even though it's tonight...it's today somewhere in the world as I found out when I stayed up till the metro re-opened last Sunday.

Anyways onto the news. Watched my first Spanish film today, it was called El Viaje del Carol. At least that's what I remember off the top of my head. Once I'm on a roll typing I'm too lazy to go and check cause I'll get distracted. It was quite good, and quite sad. It reminded me of those older American movies we used to watch growing up like the one with Elijah Woods which had them in a tree house. Very descriptive I know, but watchagonnado.

So yesterday I went to this cool thing called Intercambio which is at a bar near the center of town. Alex and I went there and it's basically a place where foreigners and locals go to meet and talk and practice language. It was really cool even though it wasn't as crowded as other weeks supposedly. I was able to meet a lot of really amazing people form all over the world and that was just from our little table. I'm definitely going to be going back every week!

Then today after class (explained above) I went to the Palacio Real and guess what?!! My camera was out of batteries. As much as I love my new camera, it should give me a little heads up before it dies. The last time it ran out of batteries was on the LAST DAY OF CANNES when EVERYONE was together at the going away party! It picks literally THE WORST TIMES to tell me to change the battery pack. Come on camera, don't just die on my give me a little notice. Rant end. So the Palacio is basically this amazing palace (don't worry I'll be stealing other people's pictures) where the King and Queen lived up until the 1930s. We got to take a tour given to us by this softspoken very enthusiastic Spanish woman and we got to see all sorts of rooms decked out in incredibly royal fashion. Not only that but nearly every ceiling had paintings on them done by famous painters. Don't worry, I couldn't have taken pictures of this stuff anyways but it was still quite frustrating.

It's been incredibly hot here in Madrid as of recently and not California hot, this hot literally melts humans. It's not even up to what it could get, and I'm glad I'm going to Barcelona this weekend (in case you didn't know I'm going to Barcelona this weekend) cause it'd be absolutely unbearable otherwise. I think it actually shrunk my clothes when I put them out to dry.

Well that's it for now, it's funny because I know I've missed talking about so much but it's nothing compared to the usual and I need sleep. So enjoy the more frequent update, I won't be doing another one until Sunday but expect another picture update. I'll at least try and keep one thing consistent. Stay cool.

PS: Watch Memories of a Murder (i remember that title!). A South Korean movie that now is officially one of my favorites of all time.

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