Monday, June 7, 2010

How to get into fancy places

So I get back into Madrid from Barca around 8pm on Saturday with plans of having a chill night maybe playing poker at a friends apartment. Alex, however, of course convinces me to come out using the excuse "I'm only going to be here for a week more". Alex, for those of you who don't know, is my apartment mate. So we ended up heading back to the place I went the first week called Penthouse. Only thing is on weekends it's a lot more busy and a lot harder to get into. We had two girls in line ahead of us and we asked them to ask him in Spanish if our group could go in with them but, because some of us were not dressed as nice as they want us to, they said no. It could've really been for any reason but either that or because we were a large group of guys with only one girl. we could've done two things: waited in line and tried again (this could potentially mean missing a few dozen minutes of our valuable night) or try to look for another entrance. Alex was on top of it and went around to search while we waited. He came back and got two of us to follow him and all we had to do was act cool. Turns out Alex, who is fluent in Spanish, convinced the man that he didn't know any Spanish and that he was supposed to meet his dad inside the hotel. Alex was very angry and impatient and so the guy had no choice to let him and us in. All the while he is yelling into his phone in English with noone on the other line. My job and my friend Matt's was just to act frustrated and anxious, I kept glancing at my watch and looking around...and I got really into character haha it was quite fun.

So we get into the hotel and have no idea where to go, but we can't let that on. Turns out there was a wedding going on and we walk right through it in our search for an elevator (but none of us drop character). Then Alex goes up to a worker and yells angrily at him saying the elevator is slow and that he needs a faster one so we get directed into the elevator. We finally get to the elevator and then another group was there, an older couple. They put their card in and press 5. It lights up. They look at us and we have no idea what to do cause we don't have a card. So we press 7 (which is where the Penthouse bar is) and it doesn't light up. They laugh and when it gets to their floor we think the gig is up. There is no way we are getting into the bar even after all of this.

Suddenly, as soon as the doors close, the elevator begins to rise. We reach the 7th floor to find people leaving! We made it! Haha I thought I'd share this story because after all of the work the beautiful view and vip status of the bar was that much better. Cheers for now.


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  2. accidentally deleted my comment! I loved your story...way to get in there and play the part. I can just see you guys pulling this off. You could make a hilarious film short by the reenactment alone :)

    and your upcoming itinerary looks awesome. Let me know if you want any recommendations for when you get to Paris!

    love your sis