Wednesday, June 9, 2010


After spending some time recovering from Barcelona it was straight back to school. My classes pass quickly and are all very interesting. My grammar class is made fun by our teacher, an incredibly nice Lady who does yoga frequently (connection maybe?). My other class we get a lecture for 30 minutes and then watch a movie so far the movies have been fairly good but the only problem has been my recent spell of narcolepsy which hasn't failed to have me a little bit tired in the morning without fail. But despite this I've had a good time and have a midterm tomorrow in grammar: wish me luck!

Monday night I signed up for a cooking class and it was well worth it. We learned how to make tortilla espanolas (which are essentially potato and egg tortilla esque things that are deliciosu), paella (a typical spanish dish with seafood rice and peas), and a desert tortilla. All of it was delicious! Then on Tuesday it was a friends bday and we went to the Cave Bar again that I talked about and ordered the Leche de Pantera. Then tonight was the 1 euro special at a local chain restaurant where we can get all kinds of food and dishes for only 1 euro each. Definitely going to become a weekly thing.

The last few days it's rained which is an extreme change from the usual burning heat of Madrid. Hopefully it doesn't rain in Paris...from the people I've talked to (French and not) the Parisians have quite the reputation built up for them haha but just check back sunday to hear all about it.

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