Saturday, July 10, 2010

Vasup Berlin?

So this trip all started out with me meeting a few Romanian friends at the bus stop in Amsterdam. They actually play a pretty crucial part in the first part of this story. So they approached me and only one can speak English. we ended up talking for awhile and we sit on the bus next to each other. After awhile we all fall asleep and in my dream I dreamt that I had overslept my stop and that I was going to Romania with the group of them. I woke up quickly after and realized that this was a trip from Amsterdam to Berlin and that it'd stop when I got to Berlin and I'd be fine. So I go back to sleep only to get woken up suddenly by my Romanian friends and they tell me that we're at Berlin and that I should get off now! SO thank God I sat next to them on the bus cause I have no idea where I would be if they didn't help me.

But anyways the first day was a tour of Berlin where Thomas taught me all of the things I wrote about below. Then that night we watched the Netherlands game on a projection TV at their apartment which was really fun. It's crazy how badly timed to the world cup my trip is...I knew I should've paid more attention to where I'll be during the final because I'm very sad I won't be in Madrid. But Berlin was cool tonight fyi we watched the consolation game and the city is happy with 3rd place...not ecstatic...but happy and it's still pretty crazy right now with fireworks etc..

The second day was more touring around the city (to the "posh" area which was actually pretty high class especially with fashion week going on) followed by the big Spain Germany game which left the city pretty upset. It was fun though because I was able to meet up with a lot of new people despite the depressing circumstances. As a girl we met later in this trip said, "The only place it's ok for a man to cry is after a football match". It was a happy and sad moment for me but I'm for La Roja all the way.

The next day my friends from California who had visited me in Madrid arrived in Berlin and we all went to the areas of Berlin that Thomas had done too much (for example the top of the Parlament building and a bombed out old church set in the middle of a richer area of the city. This was a blast and we ended up at a bar recommended to us.

The next day I borrowed Thomas' bike and explored the city. I tried to find the "Eiffel Tower" of Berlin but failed and had to take the U bahn to get there before I needed to head home. I actually was following a radio tower I thought was the right one but arrived to find that it was only a small radio tower on a tall roof. Very disappointing. But I was able to find a lot of cool stuff and biking in this city is amazing. There is a lane in every sidewalk for bikes (the streets here are very very wide) and they even have a separate bike don't bike sign. It's been really hot here though so that's been the only problem...but after the bike ride I came back to join Thomas for a bbq on the roof-tops of Berlin. The view was amazing even though I had to leave early. Earlier that day my friends and I decided we wanted to go on a pub crawl around the city and it started very early around 8:15. So I headed off to that and the pub crawl was amazing. We met these three girls from Manchester and hung out with them for the majority of the time but we were taken to all sorts of bars. One was in one of the old abandoned art houses and there was live music, fire shows, and lots of other cool stuff. We went to a club afterwards and the Berlin nightlife is just as crazy as everyone says it is.

Today was more relaxing. Woke up late, packed up my stuff, went to a beautiful park and wrote some film ideas down, and then came back and watched the Germany-Uruguay game. My fligth is early tomorrow so I'm debating staying up so I don't miss it. Either I'll be going out with Thomas, meeting up with my friends and their host Andre for a drink (they're couch surfing), or meet up with a group of girls we met at the worn down castle. Either way Berlin is amazing and I'll definitely miss it. But enough lamenting...On to Italia!!

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