Thursday, July 15, 2010

Florence Birthday

Florence is a beautiful little city. The Duomo is incredibly epic and has one of the largest domes in the world. THey have the oldest bridge in Italy and an amazing lookout point. There, however, is not incredibly a lot to do there. Sight seeing can easily be done in one day. But I had fun all the same for the entire time.

Our hostel, Newostel, was incredible. This was my first "real" hostel experience, I say this because in Barcelona our group took up the whole room so it was basically just staying with friends. There were 4 beds to each bathroom and they had a nice little common room where we were able to meet a lot of people and use the free Wi-Fi. Basically our three days started with Nicola and I exploring the city (some aspect) the first day we did a general walk, the second we went to Pisa to see the tower, and the third we hiked up to a lookout point over all of Florence. At night we would hang around and meet whoever happened to be out in the Hostel and then a group of us would head out and go to an outdoor social bar area right on the river (the first night), a dance/karoke bar (the second night), or both (the third night). I loved it because I was able to meet so many cool people every day and from that my birthday was definitely fun.

So like I said the first day was exploring and the city is extremely touristic (is that a word?). It's hard to describe how the city looks but definitely check out the pictures. Then that night for my 21st midnight celebration we went out to this huge open bar area which was filled with young locals. It was really cool and unique.

Pisa was fun but literally all the town has is the tower and their duomo. More entertaining than the actual tower are all the people attempting to take a "holding up the tower" picture. Then that night for my actual birthday we met up with a friend of mine from Madrid who was in Florence and went to a very cool bar. I sang some Ricky Martin and we got to meet a lot more people there.

It's been hot in the past, but for some reason Florence's hot was almost unbearable. When we hiked up to the lookout point it was incredibly tiring; Nicola and I had to take a nap in the shade to regain our strength. Italy is so HOT and HUMID right now it's insane. But no matter it was amazing meeting new friends, celebrating in style, and right now we just arrived in Roma and I'm super excited to see all this city has to see for the next few days. Addio!

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